Corporate Trainer
I work with career-oriented individuals globally to ace their interviews and get hired for their dream job. Download my FREE "Ace Your Interview Checklist
Speaker & Practitioner of all things MarTech & AdTech
I am the founder of Nimble Marketing Consultancy the first and only marketing consultancy in Singapore that is entirely women-led and women empowered.
IG Content Marketing Coach
I teach home based business owners on how to grow organically and create better content on Instagram.
DBA, MBA, Lead Trainer and Management Consultant at Global Leadership. Enneagram Teacher, NLP Master Trainer, ACTA
Dr James Leong, DBA, MBA (Merit), Chartered Management Consultant, is a NLP Master Trainer personally trained by the Co-Developers of the Latest Third Generation NLP Mr. Robert Dilts and Ms. Judith DeLozier.
Founder Yancong Video
I am a video marketing specialist that help companies adopt and use the power of video marketing to hit their business objective and being a super star in front of the camera.
Hacking Hearts and Minds
I help organizations formulate and implement strategies to tell their stories through their brand and the use of digital communications.
Coach & Speaker | Digital Marketing Trainer | I help leaders and brands find Significance & Influence
Digital Marketing Trainer | Signifluence Business Coach | Media Consultant | NLP Certified Coach | Design Thinking Specialist | OpenNetworker | L.I.O.N. | No IDK | #LBFalumni | Helping others to find Significance & Influence | #Signifluence Coach
Introvert Communications Coach | Author | Speaker | Trainer | Consultant
Specialist in Introvert Communications, Author of The Introvert Teacher. About to launch a Workshop for new Trainers / Educators who are Introverts and want to know how to excel at their craft, be loved by their students, and be well-paid for their efforts.
Founder at MindsetMerdeka
Experienced in Business Development, Leadership, Marketing & Digital Industry
Global Millennial Authority | Keynote Speaker | Book me to speak at your next virtual or live corporate conference or event
I'm Vivek Iyyani, author of Engaging Millennials
Digital Marketer & Consultant | Trainer | Speaker
Imran came across to me in an event as someone knowledgeable about Digital marketing.
create a unique customer experience | Sales Trainer | Customer Service Trainer | Digital Marketing Consultant
Amit Prakash has 16+ years of action packed and quality experience in Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Revenue, Loyalty Programs, Brand & Sales Training across various markets in India (covering South West Asia), Singapore(covering South East Asia) & Africa with Luxury, Boutique and Budget brands.
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