Narayanan Shankar

My mission in life is to help individuals, groups, companies and organizations to set and achieve their goals.

I am a trusted confidante, advisor and mentor, who can help navigate the life-cycles of any business or individual.

My career as a navigating officer and Captain in the Merchant Marine especially on some very large and demanding ships sailing across the oceans for 17 years, followed by senior management positions in globally renowned maritime companies for another 17 years and an entrepreneur since 2010, have provided a kaleidoscope of experiences, which can be drawn up on to assist those who can benefit.

With transferable skills, well rounded knowledge and a positive attitude – I aim to make a significant difference to any person, business or organization reaching out for some assistance

Working with and respect for people, cultures and traditions in multiple global cities have been extremely helpful in forming long lasting friendships and contacts, which is a blessing.
That this number continues to grow each day is a bonus.

My skill sets are application of the above experience across industries, functions, roles and situations – including but not limited to business coaching, exit strategies, market and skills development, innovation and disruption.

My strength is in creating something new – usually with nothing – with a track record of “constantly creating a never before thought of new position every 3 years” in my entire post-sea career of 25 years.

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