Hannie Hay

Hannie is a well known International Image Consultant. She has been a Chief Air Stewardess with Singapore Airlines, with over 20 years of professional experience. She has won numerous awards such as the International Customer Appreciation Award and the Airline Honesty Award, as well as frequent accolades in the local and international press forums. She was headhunted by the Singapore Tourism Board to be Singapore’s Tourism Ambassador in Oslo Helsinki.

Hannie also frequently flew on diplomatic flights and managed airline protocol for prominent government leaders. Hannie has been actively sought after by many corporations for customer service management training and image asset management training. Hannie travels around South East Asia and East Asia to meet and train her clients in the area such as customer service, sales, team building, after-sales services, deportment, glooming, vocal, social, dining and business etiquette, personal branding, among other topics. Her clients include Unilever in Thailand, Borgward Automobile in Myanmar, CB Bank in Myanmar, Thomson Reuters group in Asia, Genting Berhad group in Malaysia, Resort World Sentosa (RWS) group in Singapore. Marina Bay Sand (MBS) in Singapore and Singapore Ministry of Education programs in all the upper secondary schools, among others. Hannie received her beautician and cosmetology training with Ray Cochrane Beauty School and Jill Lowe International in the UK. She is a Qualified NLP trained and certified trainer and a Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) registered trainer. Currently, Hannie is an Associate Trainer with Reveres Management Associates Pte Ltd.

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