Bella Khaja

I am the founder of Nimble Marketing Consultancy the first and only marketing consultancy in Singapore that is entirely women-led and women empowered. I notice the lack of female role models in a severely male-dominated digital industry and aspire to change this by giving more women the access to education, knowledge, networking and professional digital development so to build a strong network of women who are digitally literate.

Nimble Marketing Consultancy offers 2 core services; creative inbound marketing solutions that build engagement and create brand advocates, organically. As well as a training wing that has since helped over thousands of business owners to be digitally tech savvy.

Professionally, I am best known for my inbound marketing skills and have since run some of the most memorable Social Media campaigns that engender virality, shareability and most importantly engagement. I am an advocate for the use of tech and data to drive the creativity needed in marketing campaigns and in turn build communities from the ground up.

I am 100% sold on the fact that while outbound marketing is a viable strategy for a business, inbound marketing is the cornerstone of building brand evangelists- where knowledge, value and education is a long term strategy and the new currency for a modern marketer. Hence making content marketing and the onset of social media the modus operandi in which I run campaigns and my own business.

I am also the Co-Founder of FEM Bootcamp; Asia’s first and only digital bootcamp built on the tenets of branding and tech for female entrepreneurs. I am an official brand ambassador of SpokeHub as well as AVANA Asia and have spoken on the topic of social media and content marketing across many platforms.

Happy to connect and collaborate with community builders & female founders. For collaborations, please email directly to

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