Ashokh Menon

Key workshop delivery experience

Ashokh has developed & trained certi3ied programs, facilitated workshops and delivered talks in a variety of corporations and government institutions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, India, China and Hong Kong. The organizations he has worked with includes companies from the Financial Services Sector, Pharmaceutical Sector, Aviation Sector, Service Sector, Media, Agricultural, Medical Services, small medium enterprises and the Public Sectors. He currently consults and facilitates workshops on how to create sustainable highperformance teams and cultures within organizations. The participants in his workshop includes senior leadership and various functional managers Ashokh’s experience of over 30 years includes sales, marketing, training, management, leadership and entrepreneurship. This is evident in his facilitation as he brings together various experiences and practical examples to be implemented in the workplace. He is an engaging speaker, who is passionate about helping organizations apply principles learned during workshops back to the workplace.

Summary of Key Change Management Experience

Ashokh has been part of senior leadership teams of Wealth Management Companies in Singapore and Hong Kong. His responsibilities included overseeing the operations of the companies and leading new change initiatives to drive the revenues and service offerings of the companies he represented. As head of channel distribution, he was involved in driving new policies and implementing new processes to recruit & retain talent and increase revenues. He was involved in developing and implementing remuneration structures, incentives schemes, digital advisory platforms and ongoing support services for the channel and customers. Ashokh’s approach to facilitating workshops includes co-creating sustainable implementation tactics as part of the pre and post workshop activities. He works with teams working on live projects and coaches them on implementation ideas. Some projects that he has worked on includes regional functional transformation, new digital implementations, creating of corporate cultures and creating agile innovation teams in organisations.

Education/Professional qualifications.

Ashokh graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and he has completed the Kirkpatrick Four LevelsEvaluation Certification Program. He is the Master Facilitator for the People Centered Implementation (PCI®) solutions.


Ashokh currently sits as a board member for the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). He provides support for Volunteer Management and Community Partnership initiatives. He has been a volunteer with the social service sector since 1995.

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