Reveres Academy is a Professional Institution, that offers professional courses to develop individual professional skills, knowledge, and organizations. Affiliating with Reveres Academy will give you the added advantage and recognition in the industry.
Reveres Academy will give you the right connections, networking and growth opportunities to create an impact in the business and professional fraternity. As a Reveres Academy member, you will be the first among peers to know of the latest happenings and updates in the industry.
Members will receive exclusive invitations and membership discounts to networking sessions, events, dialogues sessions with Ministers, senior Ministry officers, prominent business tycoons, Gurus, speakers, conferences and seminars the whole year-round.

Individual Member

Honorary Fellow    Hon. FRA

To be bestowed on an honorary basis on the person who has rendered distinguished service to the Academy and or the community.


Fellow                    FRA

To be conferred a Professional Fellow Member who has achieved eminence in the practice of the vocational or professional skills, management and or development or has distinguished himself/herself by contributing to the body of knowledge in any vocational or professional skills, knowledge, management and or development. The individual must also have no less than 5 years of experiences as a Professional Member before the individual can apply for the upgrading assessment.

Professional Member      MRA

Individual applicant for the professional membership must have no less than 5 years of practical working experience after graduation from a prescribed course from the Academy and has passed the Academy prescribed examinations. Applicants with other relevant qualifications can apply to the membership committee to be exempted in whole or in part of Reveres Examinations. Individual applying for the exemption shall apply in writing to the Membership Committee to convince the committee that he has the knowledge, experience, equivalent qualification, attitudes and development comparable to or higher than the Academy’s prescribed examinations. Individual must also be in a leadership or management position.

Associate Member           ARA

Any person who in the ordinary course of his business, profession, vocation, employment, or post-graduate studies are eligible to apply. Individual who are in a management and or development in an executive, academic or advisory capacity acceptable to the membership application committee shall be eligible for Associate Membership

Student / Youth Membership

Any person undergoing a full time or part-time basic course of study shall be eligible to apply for the Student / Youth Membership status with the Academy.

Individual Membership Fee

Category Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Fee
Honorary Fellow Nil Nil
Fellow USD121 USD154
Professional Member USD110 USD121
Associate USD55 USD88
Student USD22 USD55

All fees stated are inclusive of 10% VAT

Click here to download an application form.

All individual member’s applications shall be done online and accompanied by the appropriate entrance fee via bank transfer, cheque, ABA App or Credit Card.  Upon successful application, individual members will be informed via email with an invoice to pay for the annual membership fee.

Annual membership subscriptions are due and payable on 1st January each year, but not later than 31st January. Payment after 31st January will attract an interest of one percent (1%) per month for late payment. Individual membership would be canceled if the members failed to pay the annual subscription after 31st March, and members shall not use the title conferred upon them. No refund shall be made in respect of the remaining portion of the calendar year from the date an individual member withdraw their membership.

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