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With the move to virtual presentations and meetings, the challenge in presenting effectively and confidently is greater. Yet, so is the opportunity – for e.g. virtual meetings enable us to meet and interact with audiences who are geographically in different spaces, which was not always possible before.

What we are still finding though, even after more than 18 months of WFH or hybrid working, is that people still are making grave mistakes with the way they are presenting online. We cannot present online exactly as we did when we were physically presenting in the room. We need to modify our style and our tools.

What remains the same? What needs to change?

Join us for this session to get some insights about what it really takes to build presence online.

Date : 22 October 2021

Time : 10 – 11 AM

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Meenakshi Sarup
Virtual & In-house Trainer | Coach | Speaker on Business Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Change.
Empowering companies & their people to discover the leaders within.

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