Think on Your Feet(r) – Answering Questions on the spot with Clarity, Brevity and impact(r)

Been in a situation where you were stuck for words?

Had a brain freeze?

Worried about the impression you created?

The ability to analyse, structure our thoughts quickly, and then answer a question or present ideas clearly, is a critical skill in today’s business environment. It is especially so in the new norm now where the speed and quality of our response is critical, while the window of opportunity for us to create a positive impact is getting slimmer.

Think on Your Feet® provides the right structure which leads to clear thinking and clarity. And where there is clear thinking, there will be clear speaking.

That is the promise of Think on Your Feet®, helping you to analyze, organize and present your ideas… FAST, with IMPACT!

Date : 01 October 2021

Time : 10 – 11 AM

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Koo Lily
Leadership Coach I Change Facilitator & Speaker I Founder MQ Training
Helping Leaders & Teams to LEAD CHANGE, the HEART way.

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