Situational Learning (Module 7-9)

Organization Process Improvement           

(Actual Common Focus)


Organization Process Improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. This organization process improvement methodology covers a systematic approach to continuously improve an organization’s existing organization’s processes.Key Learning: Define and acquire 5-step and the integrated tools include:- Defining the Scope of a Process; Mapping the Process with focus on People, Measures and Targets; Analyzing the Process and Improving and Managing the Process.

Consulting Practice by Functions Engagement               


This Consulting Practice by Functions Engagement explain and demonstrate those skills and techniques that will enhance organization’s capability through consulting practices that support and contribute significant value to your organisation as well as to your clients in an era of great change and uncertainty.Key Learning: Equip with with these skills and effective tools that include business need behind solution requests, practice organisational and emotional intelligence, build effective solutions that deliver business results, improve communication, establish as a trusted business advisor and build trust and demonstrate and measure ROI.

Consulting Practice by Cross-Functional Businesses 


Every leading company has developed ways to successfully work across functional lines and come together around shared outcomes. With this need for cross-functional work being so commonplace, the consulting practice that broadly needed should focus on how to make cross-functional teams work.

Key Learning: Build a cross-functional team identity by consulting practices through: – Clarify the purpose of the cross-functional project; Identify the core team members; and Build the foundation for psychological needs through some form of business assessment (Market, Business within and Talent Development)

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