Situational Learning (Modul 1-3)

Build the Organization Assessment                                 


When you become responsible for leading an organisation, your most important leadership challenge will be enabling your organisation to deliver on its strategy while ensuring its growth. This short 3-hr course will provide you with the information required to develop your relevant organization assessment which your business can examine and improve on the organisational culture is, the primary organisational structures, and those key systems, before taking a more strategic perspective. The process and tools that complement this course will also prepare your business to take the organisation forward in a more strategic direction, but to make better decisions along the way based on the types of organization assessment used.

Key learning: Assess the degree of alignment between key capabilities and organisational architecture (culture, structure, people practices, systems).

Business Benchmarking and Change Management              


Management can drive organizational change using insights gained from benchmark research about industry best practices, financial rankings and customer perceptions. Use benchmark research to institute change. Change management is the ability to transition staff members, teams and organizations from one form of operating to a more desirable one. Benchmark research can assist management in instituting organizational change because it provides justification for change.

Key learning: Deploy a 4-phase approach (Planning-Analysis-Integration-Action) which begins with business benchmarking to change management that is explained through a business case. 

Business Continuity and Organization Design               


The program offers a comprehensive (operational, tactical or strategic) grounding in Business Continuity through Organization Design Solutions that explain Framework, Guidance, Key Tools.

Key learning: Apply the tools and the process of Business Continuity development and Organization Design to reflect the business efforts in respond to changes, integrate new business elements, ensure collaboration, and allow flexibility.

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