Situational Learning (Module 4)

Embrace New Job Integration & Collaboration


Essentially, “workplace collaboration” is organized teamwork: setting processes in place to ensure that team members work together to make decisions. Teams may employ a range of practices depending on the industry, company, or project, but regardless of the tool, the collaboration will strengthen the process and end product. Ultimately, the goal of workplace collaboration is to increase success by fostering open communication among all team members across all departments and management levels. With the digital revolution, both work integration and collaboration became a common need and place. The internet increased cross-organizational knowledge sharing and provided the opportunity to work anytime, anywhere with anyone – this is referred to as the integrated digital workplace.

Key Learning: Facilitate on how to build a successful job integration that is based on a collaborative culture and team through Executive Support, Focused HR Practices, The Right Team Leaders and Team Foundation and Structure (pre-existing work connections).

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William Toh
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