Self-Mastery for Professional Success

What separates high performers and future leaders from the rest isn’t their knowledge. It’s the way they act and behave – their presence. Presence comes from within and you must first become masterful at managing yourself before you can truly lead and influence others. Self-Mastery for Professional Success programme focuses on tools and techniques to give you the mindset necessary to create the professional success that you desire. Based on methods that the most successful professional minds are using, learn how to move beyond the negative workings of mind to regain control and lead yourself with clarity, purpose and confidence.

Programme Content

  • Methods to develop self-awareness for greater self-leadership
  • How to cultivate positivity to attract success and forge strong relationships
  • Overcome negative thinking with the PEAK™ process
  • Breaking through the comfort zone to activate growth and creativity
  • Widen perspective through the ladder of inference
  • Understand your sphere of control to focus on what you can manage
  • Structure neutral and effective communication
  • Set a clear career vision for you to achieve

Specialist Trainer

Mrs Anji Hallewell

  • Professional Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Co-Author
  • Self-Mastery & Performance Specialist
  • Trained and Coached Executives from Global companies Including Bank of America, AIA Insurance, Dyson, Mediacorp Royal Bank of Scotland and PWC.


2 Days

16 & 17 March 2020




  • Achieve a higher level of selfmastery skills
  • Know how to shift your perspective to a positive state of mind
  • Demonstrate increased selfawareness and self-management
  • Know how to manage disempowering thoughts and emotions
  • Demonstrate a higher level of self-control and effectiveness in communication


  • Managers,
  • Leaders and Future Leaders who want to increase their influence
  • communication and presence
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Certificate of Completion.

Anji Hallewell
Transformation Coach
ANJI HALLEWELL is a Self-Mastery & Performance Expert, who over the last 15+ years, has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as National Geographic, FOX, RBS and QBE

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