Pitch to win(tm) – Getting to YES! in one go.

Almost every leader and technical professional needs to present. Almost all decision-making involves getting buy-in from stakeholders.

At team meetings, client presentations, presenting to senior management, making a business case or proposing a change.

80% of real confidence comes from separating the thinking and structuring of a compelling business case from presenting skills. A thinking process that allows you to communicate insights, patterns or a point of view based on the data available, analyse the problem or opportunity you see and prioritise and focus your justification and rationale to create a compelling story which immediately engages the stakeholder.

One which speeds up understanding and decision-making, reduces wasted time, creates a sense of urgency and moves stakeholders to action. One which makes you walk into any presentation confidently.

One which increases the ROI of your presentations.

Date : 01 October 2021

Time : 10 – 11 AM

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Sharmini Suthan
Influence | Wellbeing | Optimal Performance | Facilitator
I help professionals articulate their thinking for better business results in high stakes situations without burning out
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