Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for SMEs

Good SEO is like dressing to impress. Your personality and core values stay the same but the right packaging will make you much more noticeable in a crowd. Since over 90% of online traffic is channeled through search engines like Google and Yahoo, it only makes sense to maximize your visibility to them. Improve your website search results and SEO rankings with well-targeted traffic with new digital marketing strategies.

The workshop will seek to guide the participants on the following topics:
1.Keywords and Search Volume
2. Planning your Website (SIte Links, Titles & Descriptions)
3. Content Creation Strategy
4. Backlinking

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Tan Wan Ting
Founder | Digital Marketer | Weave Asia
Wan Ting started the business in 2017 to help companies of different sizes and industries to Weave through markets and platforms to reach out to their target consumers.

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