How do I make my presentations more engaging

One of the greatest challenges facing most business owners and corporate executives today is shorter attention spans and an overwhelming amount of infomation cluttering the minds of their key stakeholders.

The most common question I am asked is : “How do I make my presentations more engaging?”

While there are many ways to engage your audiences during your presentations, one of the most powerful tool available and effectively used by the best presenters in the world is “Storytelling”

In this session I will share with you the following:

1) 3 principles of storytelling that you can introduce into your presentations easily

2) What makes storytelling a powerful medium to persuade and influence and how you can leverage it to get more positive outcomes

3) Why micro-storytelling is the next mastery to gain for the coming decade
Reveres Singapore Mr Nia: Rahul Shah is a communications specialist having spent the past 15 years helping over 60,000 individuals communicate more effectively with their key stakeholders.

He has worked extensively across Austral-Asia with MNCs, civil service organisations and educational institutions.

He holds a degree in Mass Communications from the USA, is NLP & Enneagram certified and has a Grade 8 Gold Medal in Public Speaking from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts.

He is known to be an energetic, candid and straight to the point speaker who engages with stories and personal examples to make his message relatable and memorable

Date : 16 July 2021

Time : 10 am – 11 am

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Rahul Shah
Professional Speaker & Communications Strategist
Rahul Shah is a highly sought after communications expert with 14 years of regional speaking and training experience.

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