We could potentially be our own worse enemy from progress and producing result. Would you want to increase your team’s human potential and increasing their capabilities and competence. Unleash your True Potential and Go for Breakthrough with growth mindset for peak performance. With lesser self and social awareness, we may be performing with a fixed mindset and our performance might be in a less than optimal level. That could be many situational reasons such as, unable to say “No”, difficulty in managing stakeholder relationship, managing time, emotions and workload that could cause a dip in our performance. This may affect our overall morale and productivity. With lesser motivation, it could be quite challenging to work together and create the wow experience. We could explore a growth mindset and arm ourselves with strategies and techniques that would help us to attain a peak performance state ,you would be able manage your mental and emotional presence, influence others to gain an emotional connection that would result in improving team morale for productive and successful workflow. In this workshop, your team will experience accelerated learning of key concept and actionable behaviours that will build better team relationship and improve team morale to be recharged, be productive and operate with optimism.

Programme Outline

  • Introduction & Ice-breaker
  • Five components for successful change
  • The Four Perceptual Spaces for better self and social awareness
  • Learning the ABC formula for better self-management
  • Explore the power of meaning to change mindset
  • Karpman Drama Triangle (social model of human interaction) to identify your selfsabotaging behaviours
  • The Enneagram profiling tool to explore your core essence for self management.
  • Utilising the EAPR method to Overcome Mindset Challenges.
  • AEIOU guidelines for a better version of you

Specialist Trainer

Mr Santhanaram Jayaram

Professional Speaker, Masterclass Trainer and Author. Author of “Ram up your Laughter” & “Engage Communicate & Succeed”. Conceptualized a program “C.O.D.E.W.O.R.D for success”. Appeared on National TV, Radio & Print. Master Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (MNLP) Practitioner, as awarded by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.


2 Days

23 & 24 March 2020




  • Discover ways to better manage self
  • Gain better understanding of components for successful change
  • Identify reasons for your unfavorable actions
  • Gain better self awareness and perspectives
  • Learn strategies to shift mindset and better self management
  • Manage and overcome mental and emotional challenges
  • Explore opportunities for personal progress and peak performance


Working professionals who wants to better manage stress to perform better at work

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Certificate of Completion.

Santhanaram Jayaram
Laughter Coach | Host | Opening Speaker
Ram helps individuals and organizations better manage stress for peak performance to achieve greater employee engagement,

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