Digital Transformation

1-Hour Conversation on Digital Transformation – “How to”

Digital transformation continues to be a key focus as more businesses embrace the competitive advantages and enhancements of the emerging technologies can bring. Digital transformation has been further accelerated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses can no longer view digital transformation as a just another new innovation project – digital enablement is becoming the key to business continuity and sustainability. The accelerated demands of the market, complex progression of competitors and the expectations of customers and employees is changing rapidly. Businesses who do not prioritise digital transformation, risk not only falling behind the competition, but falling out of the market completely and eventually.

In this 1-hour forum, the speaker , William Toh,  will share a holistic look at what digital transformation is. Together he will illustrate the impact digital transformation can have on a business, the recent key technology trends to be aware of and how your business  can consider a 5-As transformation strategy that delivers successful, impactful change for your business.


  • The impact of digital transformation
  • Challenges with technology
  • ASEAN in 2025 – Roadblocks to a full digital economy
  • Envisioning your business transformation – Adopt, Adapt, Apply, Align & Agility
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