Moving ‘beyond COVID’: Cambodia continues its recovery with under 30 new cases announced today

As Cambodia rapidly marches onto to life after COVID, The Kingdom once again recorded the lowest daily new COVID case figures (diagnosed by PCR test) in an unprecedented run of 57 days of ‘new normal’ low case numbers.

Today’s official daily new COVID case total (diagnosed by PCR test) was 29, bringing the COVID case total to 120,038 cases.

Nine months after the February 20 Community Event, Covid-19 in Cambodia has been brought under tight control and the country is fully reopening in almost all sectors.

However, it would be a grave mistake to think that the pandemic has disappeared from The Kingdom – with the recent Water Festival raising the possibility of a ‘mini surge’ with reports saying that hundred of mild symptoms of the Covid-19 have been discovered due to mass gatherings and festivities

Thankfully though the effect were massively lessened by the majority of cases being double vaccinated.

World Health Organization representative to Cambodia Dr Li Ailan told Khmer Times yesterday that there may be a surge in cases with Cambodia reopening but the most important factor is to maintain community safety as people will recover fast from the mild symptoms.

Moving on to the future though, the emphasis of the Royal Government is now – quite rightly – on shifting to the ‘new normalcy’ and making Cambodia open for tourism and business by managing milder cases of COVID with home treatment.

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