PM outlines four factors that led to Kingdom’s full reopening

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday, during the launch of the vaccination campaign for children aged five years old at the Peace Palace, said that his decision to reopen the country was based on four factors.

He explained that the first factor is the fact that around two million Cambodian people were vaccinated with the booster dose. As a result of the vaccination campaign, resistance against Covid-19 among the Khmer people is very high, helping to cut down the mortality rate of the pandemic.

Regarding this factor, Mr Hun Sen recommended that people not just count on the vaccines that the government bought for them, they must observe precautions against the pandemic everywhere, and at all times.

The second factor is that the government is strengthening its ability to combat the pandemic, so that it will not become a problem to deal with an outbreak in the country. In addition, new medicines to treat Covid-19 pandemic are being discovered one after another. These medicines are available, to public institutions and the private sector alike, for purchase to treat people.

The third factor is that the government has enough experience in fighting against the Covid-19 including controlling its spread and the practice of preventive measures on a large scale.

The fourth factor is that the majority of Cambodian people now have enough knowledge and education about the pandemic so that they can defend themselves, as well as learn how to live with the pandemic and treat themselves in case they are mildly infected with Covid-19.

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