Lowest new case total for 17 days as Cambodia gets closer to reopening

As Cambodia took a small step towards ‘reopening’ with the reduction of quarantine periods for vaccinated travellers to The Kingdom, it today saw the 18th consecutive day of dramatically lower case numbers.

Today’s official daily new COVID case total was 195, bringing the COVID case total to 116,860 cases.

In dramatic news at the weekend, the Inter-Ministerial Commission for Combating Covid-19 decided on revised travel conditions and the implementation of health measures as well as quarantine requirements in Cambodia for travelers in accordance with the new normalcy, lowering quarantine periods for vaccinated travellers.

11 days ago, on the 8th of October,  PM Hun Sen has announced that Cambodia will be capable of reopening its economy across all sectors if the Covid-19 situation post Pchum Ben remains stable at current levels for at least 10 consecutive days.

“If the situation remains as it is for the next 10 to 15 days, then I think it is time to reopen the economy, and society, across all sectors under the new normal concept,” Mr Hun Sen said.

The total number of Community Cases is now 97,495 with 19,365 cases being imported.

22 imported cases were announced today as imported cases seemed to almost dry up.

Cambodia also announced 12 new deaths, bringing the total to 2,670 direct deaths from COVID-19 in Cambodia.

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