South Korea boosts vegetable production in Mondulkiri province

South Korea has provided assistance to boost vegetable production in Mondulkiri province, Cambodia’s northeast area, which has potential for cold-hardy vegetables.

This was made known in a meeting held yesterday between Ngin Chhay,  director-general of the Agriculture Ministry’s Agriculture Department, and South Korea’s Park Kiwook, chief of the working group.

South Korea has allocated $3.3 million for the four-year project (2021-2024) called “Demonstration and Valued Chain Linkage of High-Value Vegetable Production in Mountainous Areas of Cambodia”.

The project aims to boost high-value vegetable production and increase farmers’ livelihoods through potato seed production development to technical planting of high-value vegetables such as cabbage, Chinese kale and potato.

Chhay who thanked South Korea for the assistance both financially and technically said: “This project is really important in contributing to the development and strengthening vegetable crop planting, particularly vegetables that are economically of high value to supply to the domestic market.”

He added that the project will also contribute toward ensuring a sufficient supply of vegetable production during the low season besides setting specific vegetable output schedules for the whole year.

Meanwhile, Park said his team will consider adding modern technology in the production chain to make the vegetable yield a comprehensive model for other practices in other areas in Cambodia.

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