Cambodia passes 90,000 case mark – but official daily totals still low

Cambodia today passed the 90,000 case total for COVID-19. However, daily official case totals remained low – despite high provincial figures.

Cambodia today announced an official daily new cases total of 466, bringing the COVID case total to 90,107 cases.

The total number of Community Cases is now 75,712  with 14,395 cases being imported.

94 imported cases were announced today as imported case numbers continue to be higher as a consequence of the Thai border reopening last week.

Provincial cases and ‘Delta’ cases continue to rise – despite low official national figures  – and the provinces – and especially the 8 provinces bordering Thailand – are at the vanguard of Cambodia’s fight against COVID.

There is continued confusion over the provincial figures – with individual provincial totals seemingly not correlating to the national totals announced daily.

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