Local offices being challenged to raise their energy efficiency

Your office is killing the planet. That’s according to the Cambodia Energy Efficiency Competition, an international group dedicated to promoting clean, green alternatives, starting with your workplace. It says cutting down on the excessive use of lighting and air conditioners could take a sizeable dent out of carbon dioxide emissions. To encourage companies to play their part, it will be launching a competition to persuade office owners to cut their electricity bills.

Consumption behaviour will need to change if it is to meet  government’s goal for cutting emissions 27 percent by 2030. Over the past 15 years the country’s electricity consumption has increased tenfold for several reasons. Those include population growth, a higher standard of living, better access to electricity and industrial development.

In commercial buildings the average yearly increase in power consumption between 2010 and 2018 was 19 percent. Industry’s was 5 percent. This is forecast to contribute to an increase of up to 2.6 degrees in temperature by 2050.

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