Cases low again – but as 12% of migrants who have crossed the reopened border today test positive for COVID, danger signs loom for Cambodia

Daily COVID case totals were again lower in Cambodia as The Kingdom announced the lowest daily case figure since May 20th. However news that 12% of the initial batch of migrants who crossed over to Cambodia via the reopened border have tested positive for COVID shows that, by reopening the border, Cambodia has opened the Pandora’s box of COVID.

Cambodia today announced a daily new cases total of 423, bringing the COVID case total to 84,262 cases.

The total number of Community Cases is now 71,760 with 12,502 cases being imported.Daily imported cases – which are expected now to rise – are  causing concern for The Kingdom  – bringing with them the danger of the ‘Delta’ variant crossing over the border from Thailand and then moving into the community.

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