A small victory: Cambodian daily COVID case totals drop below 500 for the first time in 7 weeks

For the 9th consecutive day, daily COVID case totals were lower in Cambodia – raising hopes that the Royal Government’s daring restriction strategy has made a real difference to the situation in The Kingdom, as it announced the lowest daily case figure since June 19th.

Cambodia today announced a daily new cases total of 499, bringing the COVID case total to 82,898 cases.

Figures for the last week have been significantly lower than the 900 daily case average that has been the norm for so long.

The total number of Community Cases is now 70,663 with 12,235 cases being imported.

However, daily imported cases are still causing concern for The Kingdom with another 125 imported cases being announced today – bringing with them the danger of the ‘Delta’ variant crossing over the now closed border from Thailand and then moving into the community.

Many migrants are now stranded at the Thai border and experts have warned that Cambodia’s COVID-19 cases may see another surge once borders are reopened on 13 August and there are fears that once – if – the Thai border is reopened,  the ‘Delta’ variant will come flooding in.

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