Japanese offer tech expertise to help farmers

Cambodia and Japan have agreed to work together developing the Kingdom’s tourism sector with a focus on attracting visitors to farms and selling them locally grown produce.

Tourism Development Department Director General Thong Rathsak met Hiroyuki Tokito and Naoya Okada, tourism representatives from the Japanese embassy in Phnom Penh, this week. They agreed to encourage more visitors to Cambodia through promoting the country as a travel destination and supporting each other’s vaccination programmes with an eye to a possible quarantine-free travel corridor between the two nations.

The three also discussed developing education initiatives such as scholarships and online training and natural resource management.

Rathsak, Tokito and Okada also talked about agro-tourism opportunities in Cambodia. The two countries recently agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Yamato Green and the Cambodian Agricultural Community Alliance.

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