On and on: 34 new deaths, 335 imported cases as total cases go above 71,000 mark

Cambodia has yet again announced significant COVID numbers as ‘the surge’ shows no sign of ending.

Cambodia today announced a daily new cases total of 825, bringing the COVID case total for Cambodia to 71,244 cases – a far cry from before the February 22nd incident where Cambodia had only 500 cases in total.

High numbers of imported cases caused repeated concern for The Kingdom with another 335 imported cases being announced – highlighting the danger of the ‘Delta’ variant crossing over the border from Thailand and Vietnam

Cambodia also announced 34 new deaths, bringing the total to 1,222 direct deaths from COVID-19 in Cambodia. This is the highest death total for this week and one of the highest yet recorded.

This means that the total number of Community Cases is 63,385 with 7,859 cases being imported.

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