Cambodia faces possibility of large scale Covid-19 community infections

A large scale community transmission is in front of us now if less action by individual and family, and NPIs (Nonpharmaceutical Interventions) implementations.

“We are worrying about passing the red line if people is still relaxing preventive measures. We must act responsibly together now to revert the situation,” Secretary of State for Health and spokesperson twitted.

This comes as Cambodia’s daily cases and deaths have increased exponentially despite measures taken and lockdowns enforced in the capital and some other provinces.

However, the notorious Coronavirus has spread throughout the country and death has soared no province as soon as inter-state travel restrictions were lifted.

Dr Vandine’s comments come as senior health officials of Cambodia and World Health Organisation (WHO) have expressed concern over the current COVID-19 situation in Cambodia, re-urging for more participation of each individual in containing and preventing the pandemic.

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