Cambodia COVID outbreak surges to 59,000 with almost 1,000 new cases

Cambodia’s COVID ‘surge’ of the past 2 weeks shows no sign of abating as the Kingdom recorded yet another new cases figure close to 1,000.

Cambodia today announced 988 new COVID cases with seemingly no end in sight to the wave of high case figures, high deaths and high imported cases.

This means the COVID case total for Cambodia is now 59,045 cases – a far cry from before the February 22nd incident where Cambodia had only 500 cases in total.

Cambodia also announced 30 new deaths, bringing the total to 855 direct deaths from COVID-19 in Cambodia. This represents a return to the high death figures of a few days ago.

There has been an ‘explosion’ in reported deaths in the last 2 weeks with over 30% of Cambodia’s deaths coming in this period.

The constant growth in daily figures will be a rising cause for concern for authorities who are now facing mounting daily cases, imported cases, deaths and active cases.

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