Phnom Penh most likely target for travel bubble

Phnom Penh’s extraordinary vaccination effort means that the capital’s economy is ripe for re-opening.

Official figures obtained by Khmer Times show that more than 2.4577 million people in Phnom Penh have been administered second doses of a Covid-19 vaccine as of Sunday. The most recent census from 2019 shows that the capital has more than 2.281 million residents.

Government spokesperson Phay Siphan explained the disparity exists because of efforts to vaccinate all individuals in Phnom Penh, not just official residents.

“People from outside came to Phnom Penh to get vaccinated. Factory workers from other provinces were in ‘Red Zones’. They also got vaccinated,” he told Khmer Times.

When asked whether more than 90 percent of Phnom Penh residents were vaccinated, Siphan indicated that it may be even more, saying that “almost everyone” in Phnom Penh had been fully inoculated, but recommended speaking with Phnom Penh City Hall for additional information. However, its spokesperson was unable to respond before publication.

The Royal Cambodian Armed Forces took over vaccination efforts in April. They are anticipated to wrap up their mission in Phnom Penh later this month and dedicate their focus on the rest of the country.

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