High new case numbers, high imported cases, high deaths as Cambodia’s surge continues

There seems to be no end in sight for the current surge in COVID numbers in Cambodia as over 900 new cases brought the total case figures over the 56,000 mark

For yet another day, Cambodia today announced a new case figure close to the 1,000 mark with 935 new COVID cases, continuing the recent massive surge.

This means the COVID case total for Cambodia is now 56,122 cases – a far cry from before the February 22nd incident where Cambodia had only 500 cases in total.

To compound the misery, Cambodia also announced 31 new deaths, bringing the total to 779 direct deaths from COVID-19 in Cambodia. This is the 2nd highest death total since records began.

There has been an ‘explosion’ in reported deaths in the last 2 weeks with over 25% of Cambodia’s deaths coming in this period.

The constant growth in daily figures will be a rising cause for concern for authorities who are now facing mounting daily cases, imported cases, deaths and active cases.

The Kingdom seems to be in a significantly worse situation then it was in mid April – when the first lockdowns were announced in Phnom Penh.

A week of high case numbers has led observers to conclude that the Government must soon take decisive action to stop this current surge reaching the levels of Cambodia’s neighbours in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos.

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