Government launches new digital plan for its economic development

Cambodia has launched its new 14-year plan on digital policy, saying the sector is a new model of economic growth, which can respond and keep pace with rapid changes in the economy as it recovers from the financial dip caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

It officially announced the implementation of its “Digital Economy and Social Policy Framework of Cambodia 2021-2035,” saying that information technology offers a new model of economic growth.

The new plan aims to address the needs and potential of both public and private sectors and take full advantage of the economic resources available to the Kingdom, while continuing on the path of rapid growth Cambodia has achieved over the past 30 years.

The digital vision, titled “Building a vibrant digital economy and society by laying the foundations for promoting digital adoption and evolution in all sectors of society, the state, the people and the business community,” aims to accelerate the pace of economic growth, and promote social welfare, in what it calls the post-pandemic “new normal”.

The government says that building the digital economy as a new source of economic growth will increase productivity and economic efficiency, while improving the well-being of the Cambodian people.

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