School reopening cannot be postponed any longer

Schools reopening should not be delayed, says Takeshika Kasai, WHO Director for West Asia and Karen Hulzf, UNICEF Country Director for East Asia and the Pacific.

As the global epidemic of Covid-19 enters its second year, the safe reopening of schools has become an urgent priority. Learning in school is very important for children’s education and the potential for their lives. The long-term losses from school closures are enormous, both for individual children and for society as a whole, which is difficult to justify.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the evidence shows that

The virus does not pose a high risk to children, and schools are not a cause for contagion in the surrounding communities. We also gathered a lot of knowledge on how to reduce the risk to children, teachers and their families. By applying this knowledge, we all need to work urgently to get back to school safely to protect the future of our children.

Prolonged school closures have had a significant impact not only on children’s skills and earning potential, but also on their physical and mental health. Also while online tutoring can help some children stay in school, these services are no substitute for personal learning. In addition, access to online learning is not yet available to all, with disadvantaged children, including children with disabilities, children affected by migration, and vulnerable minorities. Loss of education because they do not have access to digital education.

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