Realme C25s hits Cambodia packing a 48MP main camera

Chinese tech giant Realme went official with the Realme C25s for the Indian market a few days back. The smartphone has now been unveiled in Cambodia, as it begins its global journey. It had earlier been launched in Malaysia and will go on sale there for the first time on June 12.realme C25s Featured

One would ordinarily expect that the Realme C25s will feature the same specs in all regions but that is not the case. There is a slight difference in the camera setup on the version announced in India and the model rolling out in other countries. Earlier on, when it was announced in Malaysia, a 48MP main camera was listed while the India launch saw a 13MP sensor onboard. The version that would be sold in Cambodia also features a 48MP sensor. This invariably means that only the India version will get the 13MP AI camera specification.

While this may leave some fans of the brand in India disappointed, it is not new. The Realme C25 which was announced in March followed the same pattern, packing a 13MP camera in India and the variant sold in other regions features a 48MP sensor.

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