The End of COVID-19

The Spanish Flu infected 500 million, killing 50 million from the year 1918 to 1920. At the time of writing (23.5.2021), COVID-19 infected 170 million, killing 3.5 million. I once called this epidemic The “Third World War”, where man no longer fights with man but with the smallest, most elusive, and invisible enemy ever, called COVID-19 virus.

A human enemy pointing his rifle right on our forehead is at least seen. The COVID-19 virus can surround us in great numbers, yet unseen, entering us and breaking up our DNAs to multiply itself to a huge number in a very short time. Their siblings ride on our breaths to spread onto others around us, especially our most beloved ones whom we are closest to.

In many of those infected, it stirred up a storm in our immune system called cytokine-storm that self-destroys our organs, notably our lungs.  Our frontline ‘Expert Saviours’ work selflessly round-the-clock, yet the death toll continues to escalate at a frightening pace.

The devastation of the human species by a biological agent that kills so many, so fast, promptedfast prompted our world policy makers to embark on a fast-track creation of vaccines with approval for emergency use ahead of the traditionally mandatory testing. Vaccines were rolling out in great numbers and distributed quickly throughout the world. Nevertheless, they are INCAPABLE of preventing the infection, although they lessen the effects of the infection and the number of deaths caused by COVID-19.

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