Students’ global ambitions for STEM translation application

High school student Ratantepy Narin and her classmates spend hours online, surfing the web for resources to help them with their assignments and researching topics they’re passionate about. The problem, Narin said, was that most of the materials were in English.

Together with three female classmates and with the guidance of local freelance consultant Cassandra Mok, Narin and her team brainstormed a solution.

After four months of hard work, they have released ScholarED, an app that translates the complex terminology of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects from English to Khmer.

“The language barrier was the problem,” Narin said. “We thought an app that would act like a translator would be the solution.”

After conducting surveys, Narin said the team decided to go further and include detailed definitions in Khmer accompanied with pictures.

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