195 February 20 Community Event COVID-19 positive cases reported, total tally now, including imported cases reach 697

Cambodians woke up this morning literally shell-shocked when news emerged from the Ministry of Health that the February 20 Community Event COVID-19  has risen drastically to 195 with 58 new cases detected last night.

In addition, there were seven new imported cases, making it a total of 65 new COVID-19 positive cases within the last 24 hours.

Of the 58 COVID-19 positive cases involving the February 20 Community Event, 41 were Chinese, nine Vietnamese, five Cambodians, one Korean, one Singaporean and one Japanese, according to the Ministry of Health.

As for the imported cases, one was a Cambodian Blue Helmet, while the remaining six were  Chinese nations who arrived in Sihanoukville.

There was also one recovery involving  a 19-year-old Cambodian woman traveling from the United States.

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