Cambodia, the third-lowest in the world for COVID-19 cases with no deaths

With    COVID-19 having touched almost every country in the world, Cambodia has successfully managed to keep the number of positive cases low with no deaths.

Medical experts attribute it largely due to the government’s Pandemic Preparedness and Mitigating Plan.

The Kingdom tested 434,424 people of whom only 479 were tested positive, giving the country a positive test rate of 0.11 percent.

Its 28 cases per one million people rate is the third-lowest in the world, behind Vietnam and Laos, according to Worldometers, a highly trusted statistic aggregate site that pulls numbers from governmental institutions.

By contrast, the United States – the country with the most positive cases in the world – has administered 335,113,418 tests resulting in 28,261,470 positive cases, giving the country a positive rate of 8.4 percent.

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